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About Us


Hey Gurl Hey!!

I'm Amanda Marie, the owner of Blessed & Boujee. I'm a fur momma of 2 rescue pups; Brooklyn & Bruno, and they are my loves! I have a bold and bubbly, yet feisty personality. You can take a Gurl Out of New York, but you can't take the New York Out of a Gurl. Welcome to my Online Boutique!

My goal here is to inspire other women to be strong and independent by providing a one-stop fashion boutique that meets all their needs.

I was raised by a working single mother in NY and began working in my teens to help support the household. I would not change one minute, as it helped me develop into a strong independent woman. My mom sacrificed so much for me, and I know that my strong work ethic and devoted dedication is all thanks to her.

I spent my 20's working a variety of different jobs, mostly in sales, until a golden career opportunity presented itself. The only problem? Taking the job would mean moving to San Diego away from the security of my friends, hometown, and my mother. But I knew I had to do it.

The first year was tough, so tough that some days I thought I may not be able to carry on. Being single and alone in a new place was frightening, but I'm a strong woman. I pulled up my big gurl panties and just picked myself up repeatedly.

I was determined to find myself again - the authentic me!

I've struggled with my weight for most of my life. I have a sweet tooth and love me some desserts! One day back in NY I had discovered a fun clothing line while browsing Facebook. I placed an order, decided to give it a try, and bought leggings and a dress. Once I received my order in the mail I was anxious to try my new pretties on. After trying them on it was the first time I ever felt good in my skin as a plus-size woman. Before that, I used to sob in dressing rooms because nothing fit me (sad, I know). I was so excited about my new outfits that I wanted to share it! I had signed up to sell clothes as a side gig before leaving NY and that gave me an idea.

Once I found attire that I felt amazing in I wanted to inspire other women to feel the same in their own skin too! I wanted them to feel as inspired and excited as I did the first time a dress fit me perfectly. I wanted them to feel supported and blessed.

And that's how Blessed & Boujee Boutique was born!

Let me explain the name real quick: Blessed is the way I feel about my new path in life and the meaning of Boujee is "luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character”. That describes me perfectly - a blessed and humble woman who loves a little luxury! 

I'm looking forward to building a community of thriving women supporting each other. 

I want to inspire women to be independent and go for their dreams, and have faith to believe in love! I've finally found the love of my life and he is the calm to my storm and now I want to share those good vibes with my customers.

Mr.Blessed is a music producer and created the track your listening to right now!

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Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me!

You Deserve all the Boujeeness!

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We are Located at:

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Oceanside, CA 92056

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~Stay Blessed & Boujee