Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils are perfect for our Diffuser Bracelets that are Available for Purchase.

Our Diffuser Bracelets Make the Perfect Gift for yourself &  loved ones 

This Would be The Perfect Teacher Gift!!

We could all use a little fashionable defense these days!

I've been wearing about 6 bracelets each covered in different oils to get through these stressful times!!

We Have 4 Amazing Scents to Choose From:


1. Chill Out 15ml

(recommended for anxiety, stress and life!)

Smoothing blend of lavender and vanilla

2.Hangover 15ml

(recommended for stated name, headaches and allergies)

has hints of eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint, made to clear your head

3.Sunny Days 15ml

(recommended to get your day started on a positive note, a happy boost of energy)

blends citrus oils of clementine, lemon, orange. Smells like a creamsicle!!

4.IMMUNITY  15ml

supports a healthy immune system, protecting against environmental and season threats.

This works well applied to our diffuser bracelets, in an air diffuser.

Although it doesn’t cure or kill viruses, it’s always nice to have an extra layer of defense..and be fashionable wearing on your bracelets!!

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